Saturday, 19 April 2014

Vessel Choice

When deciding with your company or family to take a vessel out on Charter, you should be considering as a priority your safety.
All our companies at Power-Boat-Hire use fully inspected boats and use qualified skippers.

These boats have been and continued to be monitored by the Marine and Coastguard Agency (MCA) for every aspect of safety afloat. This includes the design of the boats, the purpose it is used for, that the correct safety equipment is aboard and all in date and the skippers have passed all relevant qualifications to take you and your group to sea.

We annually see and hear of some very bad news whilst people are afloat, please dont take a risk- use the correct boats.  If you follow the below link this shows some buoys which all your skippers must know as a basic. Dont be fooled into taking out a very cheap option, your safety really matters to all of us

Sea Marks and Buoys